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Go green and effortlessly reforest the planet when you sell a course

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decarbonate your courses

Reduce your Carbon

WooNinja Trees is designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint with an effortless, no code application.

  • Simple, 5 minute set up
  • No Zapier or developers needed
  • Over 50 forest projects
  • Clear, accountable planting
  • No minimum charges
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Easy, straight forward configuration
  • No need for zaps or automation
  • No yearly contracts
  • Built & trusted by Thinkific Experts

Reduce your carbon footprint today! Watch our 2-minute set up 👇

Easy to Use

Reforest with over 50 projects around the world

WooNinja Trees was developed by Thinkific Experts to reduce the carbon foot print of the servers we use each day to educate our students.

Clear, accountable planting

Each tree planted has a unique ID which we can trace from your school to the project that planted it.

Fully GDPR compliant

We don't sell, analyse or market your student data. We built a privacy first platform meaning you can sell more and sleep soundly that your student data is safe.

No addition software

Say goodbye to Zapier, and other complex software. We're an all in one platform designed with one goal in mind: To offset the carbon footprint of your school in minutes.

No code or developers required

Our platform is designed to be plug and play. No developers needed and set up takes 5 minutes.


We track and trace every tree

We believe in being clear and transparent about every tree we plant. This is why we generate a unique ID for every tree, meaning we can trace each tree from the moment your school requests it, to the project that plants it.

Simple, clear pricing

We believe in a fully transparent pricing and accounting structure. No tricks or gimmicks.

Offset your school for the year with only 15 trees*

Our pricing is flat rate meaning you only pay for the trees you plant. You can also control your costs by setting the criteria for a tree to be planted e.g. When a student buys a course. You can also set the maximum number of trees you wish to plant per month. No surprises, guaranteed!

What's included

  • Over 50 global forestry projects

  • Unique record for each tree planted

  • Verifiable certificate of trees planted

  • Unlimited help & support

Price per tree. Billed monthly.

$2 USD

Frequently asked questions

How does WooNinja Trees work?
WooNinja Trees allows you to plant a tree based on critera you set. For example, you could plant a tree when a student buys a course, or when they complete an enrollment. Or you could do both!
Do I need a developer? Or coding skills?
No, WooNinja Trees is a one click install with no additional code or developers needed.
Do you offer a trial of your software?
Trees are scheduled to be planted as soon as the criteria you set is met, as such we do not offer a trial or refunds.
Are your GDPR compliant?
Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant. We do not sell, monitor or analyse your student data.
Do you charge per tree, student or course?
We charge per tree planted. Each tree planted has a unique ID which we can track and trace so you can be assured your tree is reaching the project you chose.
Can I select where I want trees to be planted?
Yes, you can choose from over 50 projects around the world and choose a new project at any time you wish. Can't decide? We'll plant a tree at random for you.

From my very first scouting trip at 8 years of age, I fell in love with the peace and serenity of the forests in Ireland. Each time I embark on a trip to the great outdoors, I worry that we are not doing enough as a planet to keep these places green and thriving. WooNinja Trees is my effort to reverse the effects of climate change, and I hope you will join me!

Colin Longworth
Award Winning Thinkific Expert

Ready to reforest the planet? Start planting today!